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Welcome to Raising Adults

Most adults are not necessarily aware of the distinctions between being a mother or father and being a parent which is founded on a relationship and parenting which is primarily founded on responsibility.

I am the father of three sons and two daughters and that relationship will exist/last forever, however, I am no longer the parent because my sons and daughters are no longer children.

If you want to know how successful I was as a father, you will have to ask them, but if you want to judge my parenting skills, and how successfully I taught them to be mature responsible adults, you can see that through their acquired values and behaviors. You can judge what I was able to teach them/what they learned.

The Raising Adults program is designed for moms and dads who want to develop simple, common sense answers to parenting questions and solutions to parenting problems.

As a mom or dad, you take your kids to the park.

As a parent you teach them to pick up their things.

Being a mom or dad is first of all a relationship while parenting is primarily a responsibility.


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