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Welcome to Raising Adults

Most adults are not necessarily aware of the distinctions between being a mother or father and being a parent which is founded on a relationship and parenting which is primarily founded on responsibility.

I am the father of three sons and two daughters and that relationship will exist/last forever, however, I am no longer the parent because my sons and daughters are no longer children.

If you want to know how successful I was as a father, you will have to ask them, but if you want to judge my parenting skills, and how successfully I taught them to be mature responsible adults, you can see that through their acquired values and behaviors. You can judge what I was able to teach them/what they learned.

The Raising Adults program is designed for moms and dads who want to develop simple, common sense answers to parenting questions and solutions to parenting problems.

As a mom or dad, you take your kids to the park.

As a parent you teach them to pick up their things.

Being a mom or dad is first of all a relationship while parenting is primarily a responsibility.

Cocoon of Change

Cocoon is an eight week program of intensive care for families to use at home. Just as a caterpillar creates a protective environment for itself to make profound changes, families can do the same to get a fresh start.

The Cocoon handbook is a home based training manual for parents of children and youth who are getting into trouble or associating with groups counter to the values of the family. Cocoon also teaches advanced parenting skills for use with youth who are defiant or having an emotional crisis in the home.

Used by schools, youth probation, military families, and family re-unification programs, it has 30 years of successes proving efficacy.

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